I'm looking for postdocs and graduate stuudents to join my group. Some details of specific positions can be found below, and these will be updated as old positions are filled and new ones become available. Anybody who is interested in joining, visiting or collaberating with the group is encouraged to get in touch at any time.

What we do

We build mathematical and computational models of complex living systems in order to better understand how those systems evolve and the kinds of social behaviors that they develop. I'm also interested in developing novel ways to test predicitons about human behavior, and cultural evolution more generally, in online games.

What you would get to do

I'm looking for people who want to develop their own ideas and design their own research project in line with the interests of the group. Our focus is on mathematical and computational modelling but we collaberate with experimental biologists, behavioral economists and computational social scientists to address a whole range of data driven questions.

What the group is like

Environment: My group is young and looking to grow, especially once I arrive at UH in 2018. I'm looking for people who have creative ideas and a strong quantitative background, who share my interest in evolution and social behavior, and who bring their own perspective.

Werewolf: I'm a big fan of One Night Ultimate Werewolf/Vampire/Alien (as well as other complicated boardgames that involve good natured yelling).